Auburn series filled with thrilling finishes

Les Miles has long been recognized in SEC country as a charmed coach who has experienced inexplicable decisions and perhaps inexplicable success. This season and its zany finishes has only cemented that character nationally. But undefeated seasons for LSU and Auburn in 2010 have launched down similar paths. Both teams have made big comebacks and won very last minute, Started with the wire games. Todd Van Emst, AuburnBrandon LaFell catches the winning landing pass in 2008. So why is Miles the mad hatter while Gene Chizik’s esteem is surging? Perhaps it’s the lack of any high profile gaffes or mind boggling clock management. Or maybe it’s just Chizik’s lack of a leading cap and penchant for unusual turns of phrase, Two dysfunctions that the media have seized on in parodying Miles’ coaching acumen. Yet somehow No. 6 LSU (7 0, 4 0) Continues to be unbeaten and like No. 5 Auburn (7 0, 4 0 securities and exchange commission’s) Is trying to shake the notion that its fast start is propelled by luck compared to talent. Crazy finishes and close calls are what have made the Auburn LSU series one of the South’s most entertaining rivalries massive. And the nature of the season means Saturday is not likely to produce anything different. “(Auburn) Has won in close adventure, And that’s a great typical of a team, Distance said. “We obviously have the same includes, So it will likely be a heck of a match up, Auburn’s blowout loss last year in Baton Rouge stands out automobile rarity. Every other game within the last few six years has been decided by a touchdown or less. “Nobody likes to get shy, Said Auburn offensive sponsor Gus Malzhan. “That’s a pretty low point offensively for the year. Our guys rebounded at the moment, But it wasn’t a fairly good feeling, Even when both programs occur to be at a low ebb, The games have be interesting. Within your 2008 game, The two Tigers were highly ranked and had yet to attempt their later season meltdowns. Absolutely simply zero. 6 LSU originated behind to beat No. 10 Auburn 26 21, Scoring the go ahead landing on an 18 yard pass from Jarrett Lee to Brandon LaFell with just 63 seconds left. Lee remains to be as part of LSU’s two quarterback platoon.

The other qb, Nike air nike test Jefferson, Was part of LSU’s win yr after. “From a confidence view, Taking Auburn and winning that ballgame helped, Lee pronounced. The 2007 game was similar to some of this season’s oddities. Rather than play cautiously for a game winning field goal, Miles took a shot towards the end zone with only seconds on the clock. Quarterback Matt Flynn hit Demetrius Byrd in the dust corner of the end zone for a diving 22 yard catch. When it was right on top of, LSU led 30 24 and only a second in the clock. Miles had gambled and won but just. LSU went on to win an improbable national title despite having two losses on its resume, Furthering Miles’ belief. “Alongside one second, I think we timed it out faultlessly, Miles said right bash game. This fact year, He’s been more colorful when inquired on his detractors. After a close wining at Florida, He was quoted saying he didn’t give a”Rat’s (Expletive)” By others thought. Miles’ first matches against Auburn were also notable. With regard to 2006, Auburn safety Eric Brock made a touchdown saving tackle just watching the end zone on the final play to preserve a 7 3 victory. In the 2005, Auburn kicker John Vaughn didn’t find five field goals, Including prospects winning and tying kicks. Auburn lost or damaged 20 17 in Baton Rouge. The 2004 game helped start this decade’s most delightful games. Just days after storm Ivan hit the Gulf Coast, Auburn edged LSU 10 9 to set happens for its SEC title run and perfect season. During Tommy Tuberville’s first year at Auburn back by using 1999, Auburn surpass LSU 41 7. Potentially bountiful a promise to his players, Tuberville passed out cigars and puffed on one after the game. He was punished by the NCAA and players were forced to go to a tobacco education class. Two changing times later, Auburn fans stomped on the LSU logo at midfield, Drawing a 15 yard fine. Ultimately, Kicker Damon Duval ran into a tuba player in the LSU walking in line band during halftime, Nearly pressing off a scrum.

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